Hasci Italia, the solution to hair loss that makes the difference

The origin of the hair loss is due to the presence of a hormone, the so-called DHT, produced by testosterone.This hormone finds its manifestation thanks to an enzyme, the so-called five alpha reductase which, penetrating the follicle and where the …

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Flow regulators: how they work 

What are flow regulators 

Flow regulators are pneumatic components that perform the task of regulating the speed, or pneumatic flow, of a cylinder. This is done by an action system that opens or closes the flow of compressed air. The …

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Apartment on the Amalfi Coast? Here’s where to go

Are you desperate for a holiday home in Amalfi coast? No fear! We have the solution for you!

If you are looking for a wonderful accommodation near the sea, in a unique place in the world, like the splendid …

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Vaporize Cbd Oil

If you want to make the most of your light hemp, what you need is vaporize cbd oil. The good thing about this device is the fact that it doesn’t make you lose the hemp flavor. Go to the …

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Waste management: let’s find out the advantages

Waste management, in the context of environmental engineering, includes the policies, methodologies and procedures put in place for the management of the entire waste process, i.e. from their production to disposal and recycling, passing through the collection and recycling …

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The best pharmacy equipment: find out who you can turn to

Icas, pharmacy equipment

The pharmacy of many years ago was an austere place, with shelves for medicines that were imposing solid wood furniture, often adorned with artistic majolica jars containing medicinal principles or herbs and with the names written in …

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Medical command and control: software for health monitoring in the military field

When it comes to medical command and control, mccs represents the innovation that allows you to monitor health conditions in real time and to acquire information within an international network.

The MCCS health profiling system is in fact an …

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