Hair loss? Solve definitively thanks to Hasci Swiss!

Baldness: what is it?

Baldness is characterized by partial or total hair loss, and when this problem is considerable, it is called alopecia. The causes of alopecia can be different, the main one seems to be familiarity, or a genetic predisposition that causes hypersensitivity to male hormones and which is therefore called androgenetic alopecia. But there are other reasons that cause the problem of baldness: the use of certain drugs (for example in the chemotherapy field), a strong psychological shock, excessive stress, an autoimmune disease that disturbs the hair bulbs, pregnancy, childbirth and deficiencies of iron. The first symptoms of baldness can already appear during the adolescent period, in the stage of puberty.

Thinning occurs as a gradual retraction of the hairline line. Usually, the subjects most affected by alopecia are men, but it is not uncommon that it can also occur in women. Baldness, however, is not a disease, in fact we are talking about a condition and not a pathology as this problem could also affect healthy subjects, who do not have diseases that can justify hair loss.

How to solve the problem of baldness?

Today it is finally possible to say enough to the annoying problem of baldness thanks to Hasci Swiss. Hasci Swiss is the number one brand for those who need a safe, satisfying anti-hair loss remedy with guaranteed results. The Clinic uses the revolutionary Hair Stem Cell Transplantation method, which is based on long years of study on stem cells. This method was devised by Dr. Coen Gho, who devoted himself with great passion to the study of a transplantation technique that used hair stem cells.

By adopting cutting-edge technologies and techniques, the Clinic takes care of its patients so that they have a healthy and natural appearance. The technique consists in taking a small part of the follicle, leaving the remaining part intact. The part of the follicle that is taken is implanted in a tissue with stem cells and transplanted to the area to be filled. Therefore, if the area from which the follicle was taken does not become impoverished but rather continues with its natural regrowth process, the transplanted area is enriched with new follicles.

The treatment is carried out under local anesthesia and therefore is not at all painful for the patient. The first results will not be visible immediately, but it will be necessary to wait 9 months.

Hair transplant: why rely on Hasci Swiss?

The Hair Stem Cell Transplantation method can be carried out only and exclusively at one of the Hasci Swiss certified centers. The intervention is performed by a medical staff of the highest level, a team of trained specialists who are constantly updated on the latest news. Hasci Swiss clinic respects the highest medical standards, thanks to a team of qualified and super competent specialists. From the first appointment, the patient is followed step by step in choosing the best treatment to perform. Hasci Swiss has always been synonymous with professionalism, competence and quality.

Starting a journey with this team of professionals means to overcome once and for all that great discomfort caused by baldness and to smile again.