Hasci Italia, the solution to hair loss that makes the difference

The origin of the hair loss is due to the presence of a hormone, the so-called DHT, produced by testosterone.This hormone finds its manifestation thanks to an enzyme, the so-called five alpha reductase which, penetrating the follicle and where the hair is generated, causes a shrinkage through which a progressive decrease in the thickness of the hair and also its length occurs until it reaches the point where even growth no longer occurs and this therefore causes alopecia.

The problem of alopecia mainly affects men, but also women are not excluded. In a society like ours, this represents a major adaptation problem in a society where aesthetics plays an extremely important role.

Increasingly, in fact, alopecia is considered a thing to be fought.

Once, many men resorted to solutions, such as wigs or things like that. These solutions had so many disadvantages, the first of which appeared blatantly fake and then also of a practical type because they could have serious problems of adherence to the scalp.

But then how do you solve the problem?

It is known that the world is made up of false beliefs and beliefs, one of which is to consider alopecia an unsolvable problem. There is nothing more wrong with thinking that a problem like alopecia cannot be solved.

The current fashion also includes the complete shaving of the head and is a solution to which many men adhere bringing their own look with great security. However, there are just as many who would not like such a look and therefore would like to have their thick hair back.

Today, there are various techniques to solve the problem but Hasci Italia has not only found A solution, but has found THE definitive solution to the problem, thanks to its research institutes that have identified a cutting-edge method that can restore happiness to all those who want to have their hair back.

The method consists in taking a small part of the hair follicle leaving a good part of the entire follicle. This minimal portion taken from the donor zone is appropriately transplanted into the recipient zone through a portion of tissue that in turn contains a sufficient number of stem cells. This promotes the natural regrowth of new hair . And this is precisely the revolution: it is not just a matter of carrying out a transplant from one area to another but of promoting the growth of new hair in the transplanted area, therefore establishing a natural process of regrowth without any further surgery.

If to date those who have suffered from alopecia have had to cope with a decrease in the quality of life, today with the Hasci Italia method the solution is within everyone’s reach. It should also be noted that the clinic uses the highest medical standards, specialists of the highest level and who are distinguished by their ability and experience in this field.

You will undergo a preliminary consultation where you will be asked questions about your lifestyle and general health, after which you will get all the detailed information about the type of surgical treatment. The treatment lasts for a day that you will spend in an extremely welcoming environment.

Visit the site for more information and get closer day by day to the realization of your dream of a thick hair rediscovered.