Italian espresso coffee, the coffee’s revolution

Despite having experienced its own revolution and acquired all its status in Italy, coffee is not an Italian product but its spread, according to legend, starts from Ethiopia. Thanks to the various territorial conquests of the Ottoman Empire, this particular drink begins to spread in the Muslim world; it arrives in Europe thanks to the courage of some Dutch traders who manage to bring this fantastic drink beyond the borders of the Arab world. In Europe it spreads and reaches its maximum splendor in Italy.  The origins of coffee in Italy date back to 700, which was prepared as if it were Te, and in 800 underwent its first evolution thanks to the use of the first filter coffee maker, in that of Naples. In Italy coffee is something more than a simple drink: with the passage of time, with the spread of various customs, italian espresso coffee has become a real sign of friendship, companionship, brotherhood; It is in Italy that coffee has evolved and it is in Italy that the first espresso coffee machine was born. Therefore, it is precisely from the Italian peninsula that fashion started that became part of a culture, a new culture called: cup culture.

Italian espresso coffee, the most loved drink in the world

Coffee is the most known, consumed and appreciated beverage of the entire globe today; there are many varieties with a different taste and aroma. Coffee owes its fortune partly to its properties and, therefore, to caffeine which is a psychoactive substance that has a stimulating effect. There are many ways to understand if a coffee is good; first, you have to look at the compound itself, ground coffee, which must have a homogeneous graininess. The color and aroma are also important to understand if the coffee is good: the first must be intense while the second depends on the variety of coffee used. One fundamental rule: a good coffee always has its foam.