The advantages of choosing an airport shuttle in Rome

Discovering the Roman culinary tradition

Rome is a city rich in history, culture and tradition. By choosing the airport shuttle in Rome you will not only be able to comfortably reach Rome’s main airport connections, but also discover all the charms of the city. The service is convenient, practical and safe. Among the main advantages is the possibility to try some of the best restaurants in the capital. Roman cuisine is a unique culinary experience rooted in the history and culture of one of the world’s most fascinating and ancient cities. Characterised by simple, wholesome ingredients, Roman cuisine embodies the soul of Roman life, celebrating traditions and influences that have developed over the centuries. Simplicity is the essence of Roman cuisine, and the ‘Cacio e Pepe’ dish is proof of this. This pasta dish consists of spaghetti topped with grated pecorino Romano cheese and plenty of black pepper. The combination of salty cheese and pungent pepper creates a unique balance of flavours that enhances the al dente pasta. Another much-loved pasta dish is Carbonara. Made with guanciale (pork belly bacon), eggs, Roman pecorino cheese and black pepper, this creamy and rich delicacy is a hymn to Roman cuisine. Carbonara is a celebration of the simplicity and goodness of local ingredients.

Why choosing an airport shuttle in Rome

The airport shuttle in Rome is a convenient and safe service for getting from the city to the airport and vice versa. it is useful both for those who need to travel for work and for those visiting the capital. Rome, in fact, offers many opportunities, just like its cuisine. An iconic meat dish of Roman cuisine is ‘Saltimbocca alla Romana’. This dish involves thin slices of veal wrapped in prosciutto and flavoured with sage leaves. Everything is cooked in a pan with white wine and butter, resulting in a mix of delicate and fragrant flavours.

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