The best pharmacy equipment: find out who you can turn to

Icas, pharmacy equipment

The pharmacy of many years ago was an austere place, with shelves for medicines that were imposing solid wood furniture, often adorned with artistic majolica jars containing medicinal principles or herbs and with the names written in Latin (Semen Ricini, Taraxacum Officinalis, Mentha Piperita). Those were the times when the pharmacist was mainly a “preparer” of various remedies (ointments, syrups, ointments, pills in which the drug was contained within a host).

Undoubtedly fascinating environments, but now impractical for the normal needs of a modern pharmacy that has to manage hundreds of different drugs, as well as over-the-counter products, for cosmetics and for neonatal and infant feeding.

Icas srl has been the Italian name of wyposa┼╝enie aptek for over 60 years, also known internationally. Starting from the needs of its customers, the company has been able to design advanced, intelligent and ergonomic systems that facilitate and facilitate daily operations in the pharmacy.

Icas furnishings start from the definition of the most appropriate design for fluid and easy use, which allows a total opening of the drawers to access 100% of the drugs contained inside. The spaces can also be modulated as desired to adapt to the size of the products and, if necessary, can be dismantled for cleaning.
The success of the company’s pharmacy equipment is also based on a careful choice of the best materials (glass, wood, steel, aluminum, polymers), with low environmental impact, all recyclable and guaranteed for their strength, reliability and durability. The excellence of its products is also confirmed by the ISO 9001 SQS quality certification.

Among the Icas production we can mention:

  • The Axon A system, with components in aluminum, steel, colored glass, ideal for furnishing large spaces;
  • The Axon C System that uses wood, glass, metal with a design that fits harmoniously into any environment;
  • The Axon L system in brushed stainless steel and glass that exhibits a modern and essential design;
  • The Axon Optics System, expressly designed to contain the glasses of the optical points of sale.