Medical command and control: software for health monitoring in the military field

When it comes to medical command and control, mccs represents the innovation that allows you to monitor health conditions in real time and to acquire information within an international network.

The MCCS health profiling system is in fact an international system of screening, observation, profiling and management of the health data of individuals to monitor health conditions and create a history of the procedures and all the interventions that have been carried out on the military.

Through this system, an encrypted code is assigned to detect fingerprints as an identification method, and, by connecting to the MCCS servers, it allows the collection of health information from all types of devices, tablet PC smartphones, through the hotspot, and also via desktop PCs from the reception facilities.

The Genus Tag is a small and practical device and it is possible to wear it to always have it with you. Within this, all the health information of an individual is stored and in the case of a patient coming from an epidemic risk area, the device is able to communicate automatically with the servers to provide support to those who will have to deepen the screening thus facilitating the analysis, monitoring and containment procedures.

Mobile medical command and control is equipped with security systems that track the operations carried out and allow access to data and the system only to accredited operators based on the professional profile and the various qualifications and permits received.

The Genus Tag is therefore a card equipped with a memory in which all the health information of the individual is saved and updated and which are grouped into a history that allows you to trace the entire clinical history. The data will be accessible once connected to the MCCS server that allows you to have just a click away the data of all the interventions carried out, grouped and easy to export or consulted in real time.

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