Waste management: let’s find out the advantages

Waste management, in the context of environmental engineering, includes the policies, methodologies and procedures put in place for the management of the entire waste process, i.e. from their production to disposal and recycling, passing through the collection and recycling phase. transport and also including the process of reuse of waste. Everything is aimed at trying to reduce their effects on human health and environmental impact.

The collection of waste takes place using specific containers and it is precisely on this method of collection and handling that container monitoring is based, i.e. the process aimed at performing real-time diagnosis of the location of the container, its filling level, the current state of the machine and its operation as well as the optimization of collection times combined with the load capacity.

All this takes place through the use of specific applications aimed at keeping the entire process under control through a cloud platform that communicates directly with the smart technology installed on each container.

Through continuous monitoring between the platform and the container which are guaranteed by technical devices, it is possible to obtain a large number of data, which provide the optimization of the supply chain.

Discover R4 container monitoring technology for waste management

Today, companies can take advantage of a state-of-the-art service aimed at improving collection and transport processes including the optimization of work processes, which offers significant advantages, such as significant savings in the management of vehicles used for waste collection. as well as the possibility of improving logistics operations through the collection of analytical data. In addition, the R4 monitoring system for waste management supports the protection of the environment and the ecosystem. It is also necessary to highlight the usefulness of this technological monitoring system in combating all forms of erroneous behavior and thus making a significant contribution to the planet.

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